ClearRidge CFO is the link between a company’s strategic objectives, operations and financials, which could extend from the implementation of improved financial controls and systems, to budgeting, planning and how financial decisions impact business performance, human resources, information technology, and overall business strategy. ClearRidge CFO will oversee the delivery of accurate and timely financial reporting, plan future capital needs, forecast cash flow, and improve the integrity and efficiency of financial systems and internal controls.

Financial reporting

ClearRidge CFO will manage internal accounting staff to ensure business data is accurate and financial reporting is robust and timely.  The first responsibility of a CFO is to ensure that historical data and business information is accurate and complete, that all useful data is captured and presented in a form that can be meaningful to decision-makers.

Financial controls

ClearRidge CFO will provide leadership in the development of business rules and manage the implementation of financial controls to ensure compliance with those rules and reduce financial risk.

Systems and processes

ClearRidge CFO will improve financial systems and processes to enhance efficiency and productivity. This may include analyzing and implementing underutilized existing business systems and/or recommending new business software and information technology tools to ensure that systems and processes are efficient and simple to follow.

GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

ClearRidge CFO will analyze the company’s financial reporting for adherence and departure from Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  Unless there is a business need to the contrary, ClearRidge CFO will make the necessary changes to bring the company in line with GAAP, which in turn improves the company’s ability to secure capital funding and investment.

Support President/CEO

ClearRidge CFO will provide robust insight and analysis to support the President, CEO and senior management in their decision-making, as well as develop Key Performance Metrics to pro-actively track the company’s performance.  Typically, a company’s business contains data and information that is not being gathered, tracked or managed in an efficient way.  ClearRidge CFO will better manage data and information from within a business to better plan for the future and give senior management the information they need to make better strategic decisions.

Business Drivers

ClearRidge CFO will study the internal and external business drivers of a business’ performance and implement measures to track these drivers and manage financial risk associated with changes in these drivers. ClearRidge CFO will learn the business value proposition, potential growth opportunities and the associated financial risks and opportunities.

Working Capital and Cash Flow

ClearRidge CFO will help a company better understand working capital that is required in real-time, tracking historical changes in cash flow according to different factors and then forecasting cash flow, according to scenario changes in those same factors.  Through a better understanding of the cash flow dynamics of a business, senior management can pre-emptively secure capital, eliminating cash crunches and be better stewards of working capital.

Bank and Investors

ClearRidge CFO can lead the relationship with outside bankers and investors, providing them with the financial reporting they need to make better financing decisions and also to better understand the cycles within your business.  We can also monitor compliance with loan covenants and pro-actively communicate issues with outside bankers and investors. By eliminating any surprises, a company can increase a capital provider’s willingness to lend money, as well as their risk tolerance.

Challenge Decisions

It is critical for a ClearRidge CFO to support the President/CEO and senior management, but also challenge business decisions they are making based on sound financial criteria and our business experience.  Ultimately, the decision lies with the President/CEO and it is up to the CFO to ensure they are fully informed about every implication of their decision, as well as to propose creative alternatives to overcome financial obstacles.

Support company goals

ClearRidge CFO will take part in the process of creating and monitoring the goals of a business and lead key finance initiatives to support those company goals.

Cost of a ClearRidge CFO?

Hiring an outsourced CFO should cost less than the all-in compensation for an in-house CFO and deliver better results in both short-term financial reporting and long-term strategic results.

Is a ClearRidge CFO right for your business?

If you are interested in learning more about a ClearRidge CFO for your business, we will set up a time to meet with you in person, discuss your needs and determine if there is a good fit for us working with your company.

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