Your ClearRidge CFO has been through the due diligence process countless times; whether a merger, acquisition or capital financing. We know how to analyze critical business information, what information needs to be disclosed to the other side, when and how to disclose the information, how to track information disclosures and maintain an audit trail, and most importantly, how to keep the process confidential, efficient and expedited.

Due Diligence

ClearRidge clients rely on us to conduct financial and operational due diligence, including analysis of financial reporting, supporting detail and transactional data, quality of earnings, accounting systems and methodologies, compliance with GAAP, normalizing sales, gross margin, and operating expenses, AR, AP, Inventory, CAPEX, working capital and debt coverage. Further investigation may include analysis of budgets, forecasting, customer and vendor transactions, risks, trends and industry drivers.

Our team has decades of experience successfully completing complex mergers and acquisitions, giving us the insight to know what to look for, conducting due diligence off-site and in the field, focusing the investigation where it is most needed.