Our experienced team of in-house CPAs, auditors and fraud examiners will identify the root cause of financial issues, identify discrepancies, determine sources of revenue, trace expenses, and identify abnormal transactions, then piece the puzzle back together.

Forensic Investigation

Corporate Dispute

Our team can analyze, document and explain disputed transactions, which could include determining sources of revenue, tracing expenses, or identifying abnormal transactions.

Estate Dispute

We use analytical tools to decipher transactions, identify discrepancies and verify accurate distribution, as well as uncover improprieties in the distribution of the assets or expenditures.

Loan Default or Fraud

If a business owner has defaulted on a loan, we can trace financial transactions and use forensic accounting techniques to assist a secured creditor in uncovering the financial anomalies. We can also advise on cash flow issues and the securing of assets collateralizing the loan to pay down the debt.

Fraud Investigation

Asset misappropriation primarily involves theft of cash, fraudulent disbursements, and theft of inventory or other assets.

Most businesses first notice anomalies in their financial information, which could include unexplained difficulties with cash flow, losses in inventory or delinquent customer payments. We first need to identify the root of the problem. Forensic accounting and fraud examination methods help identify financial mismanagement, high risk areas and instances of fraud. Once identified, analyzed and quantified, we can implement a solution to remediate the occurrence of financial mismanagement and fraud in the future.