Track record, business experience and credibility

ClearRidge has a successful track record transforming the finance functions within companies across many different industries, from the Midwest to Wall Street, from Chicago to the West Coast, each time further developing and testing our business acumen and professional experience.

Strength of cohesive team, efficiency and combined skills

Every aspect of our business is designed to best serve the needs of our clients. When you hire ClearRidge CFO, you have the combined strength and extensive experience of our team working together for you and your company, to achieve your goals.

Responsiveness, timeliness and ability to meet deadlines

Given that our team works together on every engagement, we are prompt to respond, timely in the execution of every phase of the engagement and all work together with a common focus to effectively meet the deadlines.

Realistic appraisal, methodology based upon facts, data and business experience

We only know one way to work, which is to be candid in every interaction, to be realistic in our assessment of every situation and most importantly, to guide your decision-making process based upon a deep analysis and understanding of the facts.

Integrity and Honest Feedback

An outsourced CFO can speak out for the benefit of the company, without having concerns over their paycheck. If a company has stated a certain goal, but is not making good decisions or following the path to that goal, an outsourced CFO can provide candid feedback on what changes need to be made to achieve that goal.

Performance Monitoring

An outsourced CFO is going to be judged on their performance and deliverables with a more critical eye than an in-house employee.  With increased scrutiny should come increased performance and with it additional value to the company far beyond the cost of hiring an outsourced CFO.